Stormy nights – In awe and wonder

Sometimes, when the lightning is so bright it seems the sun decided so speed past the earth repeatedly, or when the thunder quakes so deeply that every bone in me vibrates, I wonder what it’s like to be the sky, the thunder, the wind, or the rain.
I wonder with glorious curiosity how quiet us humans might seem to them.
How small yet steady we might look to them with our wide eyes and shivering skin.
I wonder if they see us as obstacles to their paths, or observers, or participants.

Nights like this, where I feel the pressure of the changing wind in every joint, the booming thunderous roars reverberating in every bone inside, and the rain cold and sudden on my skin, I am reminded that I am a participant, an observer, as well as in awe.
The rain still strikes the ground after rolling across my skin.
The wind still moves as it twirls around my body.
The thunder still rolls through the land shaking everything.
The lightning shines brightly on anything above ground.

In awe…. in awe and wonder.

by: starburst565 on deviantart
“Prologue” by: starburst565 on deviantart

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