Would you?

Awe and Wonder
Awe and Wonder

Would you…

Sit with me on a porch on a cool autumn night drinking cocoa and watching twinkling stars?

Hold me close within your arms as we hum the tunes of our favorite songs?

Watch in wondrous awe as the shadows of evening sun-kissed leaves dance across my hardwood floor?

Purr with my kitten as he lay on my chest being lulled to slumber by the pulse of my breath?

Cuddle me close when the thunder roars and steady my shaking as it trembles into my core?

Watch leaves with me as they fall when they’ve lost all their hue of summer, tumbling into piles of crackled plunder?

Catch a wishing star and give it to me, so I can wish for more stars as they breeze past in the sky filling me with wonder?

Wander the woods and see what I see, majestic – wild – and free?

Walk with me through this world of hectic movement and overwhelming odds, to prove I’m not alone on my journey?

Take time to sit, to listen, to inhale the scent of nature and detect the sweetest whispers of the wind in the trees?

Sit down with your parents, family, children and friends and tell them if they ever leave you, you love them and you would miss them?

Allow yourself a moment each day to rest from your life and remember to be kind to yourself because you’re doing your best?

Look once a day in your mirror saying, “I love you so dearly,” because you’re the most important person in your life?

Take a moment to listen to the fears in your heart and face them one by one so you’ll become stronger than when the fear started?

Accept yourself and all of your flaws and realize you’re perfectly imperfect, but you are made from the stars?

I would – I do – and I hope you would too.

Tara (taratbox)

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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