Why artists stick in us after they’ve died

19 Famous people/artists/actors have died within two weeks so far this January 2016, from 1-6-16 to 1-20-16… 19 people is a lot of people…. 20 if you count Celine Dion’s brother. But that’s not the point of this entry…. that is as follows:

I’m not ashamed to admit that this was once/still is – a dream of mine – to become a part of everyone through my work. To be remembered for what I’ve made, and who I am. (I think we all want that to a certain extent. To not die and be forgotten.)

For a moment while I was reflecting on every artist and musician whose died in the last two weeks, I wasn’t sure why people would cry about these people they’ve never known. Then I realized something… We all know them – perhaps not their day to day attitudes and experiences.. We know the parts of themselves that come out through their works. We know pieces of their souls and the deepest caverns of their minds. That is no small thing that can be dismissed in a passing thought. We re-conjure their parts and pieces with every song we sing of theirs, or every word in every book we read of theirs, or every work of art of theirs we gaze upon… Those things do not die when their body dies. Those things live on, long, LONG after they’ve since gone. They stay alive in our minds and the things we choose to keep around us in our personal dwellings.

I hope to one day be a small part of this breed of humans, the artists who share themselves with the world in ways nobody else can.

VVV –( I found this to be very true. All except the last part – when they die, a part of them lives on in us who are still alive remembering them.)– VVV

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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