Charity – Receiving and Giving

So… I was a little down and discouraged about the amount of paint I no longer had after all that happened in my life leading up to my brian injury and guess what..?!

A friend, far far away, sent me a care package of 48 tubes of acrylic paints, brushes, a pallet, a portable desk-easel, painting knives, and a bunch of flat-board 8″x10″ canvases. How awesome is that?!

I was very, VERY, reluctant to even attempt painting after everything. I wasn’t even sure I’d know how, or worse, I was SURE it was going to end up looking like someone threw up instead of like something pretty. Turns out, I totally NAILED IT! The first painting I’d done (besides goofing around and making a human-like version of Floyd Pepper – yes, the muppet band member) actually turned out really nice.

I started going to a non-denominational church in my tiny town (the only church around here that believes more in the practice of inner-growth and living the word rather than speaking one thing but living as a hypocrite) and I’ve got really involved with them. I volunteered myself to be head of the commitee to spearhead fundraisers. Our first fundraiser is to help our church-kids be able to attend a summer camp this year. (Many of them are from troubled homes, and nobody around these parts are “well off,” much less “wealthy” by any monitary means. “Barely getting by” is much more accurate.)

So ya… I got a LITTLE BIT in over my head, but I’m doing pretty well with it all. I created an event on facebook, and have made three (working on finishing the third) paintings I’m donating for the online auction. Since I’m already used to taking photos and editing them, I’ve donated 20 of those on top of the paintings.

Luckily, two church members are donating their own paintings – two from one lady, and I’ve no clue how many the other will make and donate – and some photos from a neighbor’s farm, too.

I’m hopeful, but am keeping my expectations REALLY LOW, just in case the whole auction is a big flop. I haven’t spoken to the church’s kids at ALL about trying to raise the funds for them to go to camp, either. I’d truly hate myself if I had to tell them I couldn’t manage to do something seemingly so simple (to a child’s mind and understanding.) I’d really NOT love myself for disappointing innocent children whom are already going through too much for such young ages.

Here’s the photos and paintings I’ve done so far.

***If you want to do something miraculous for these kids, you could send donations to:
First Assembly Of God
PO Box #517
Stover, MO 65078
(With “West Chapel” written in the ‘notes’ section of a check or money order.)***

The online auction works this way:

●Starting bid amounts for MY photos are $20 each.
●Starting bid amounts for MY paintings are $25 each.
●Starting bid amounts for the larger paintings one lady donated are $45 & $55 – because they’re much larger and have frames.
●Starting bid amounts for the other donated photos will likely also be $20 each.

•People will “like” the photos or paintings they want to bid on starting on the 15th, then they’ll “comment” their bids under the photos/paintings they’re interested in.
•This will last until the end of the day on the 20th, when I’ll post a comment saying “Bid Ended” and I’ll private message the bid winner to get their info for shipping their piece of art to them.
•Once the church receives their payment for it, I’ll immediately mail out their piece of art to them.
•Everything that’s profited from the auction goes directly to the Children’s Pastor who’s in charge of handling their activities – including this camp week.

Pretty easy, right? I think so.
(I’m paying out of pocket to print off the photography & send their winning pieces to them.)

The online auction is a “Private Event” because I hit the wrong button. But, if you’re interested in bidding on things between March 15th and 20th, you can find Me On Facebook and Private Message me so I can invite you to The Online Auction Event Page. I’m not sure you can see it if you’ve not been invited. So far, my parents, my brother (who cannot afford to bid on anything) and a few friends have agreed to bid. [I’m so afraid it won’t be enough!]

I’m trying to raise $1,170.00 in order to get these kids to camp. Costs $167.00 per child. Steep, I know! But having a week to just be kids – is priceless to these little ones.

[If I could work any job, I’d be working and saving up to donate what they need on my own – without making all this extra effort. But, with my amnesia issues (horrible short term memory issues) and all my physical side effects, there’s nothing out here in the country I can do. I can’t even remember long enough to be taught anything new. So, I’m using my artistic skills to do what I can to help others. (I don’t even make money off my own art. But maybe it can help these kids!?)]

Here’s the two paintings I’ve finished so far, and the third one I’m still working on:

I’m doing my best – but I truly think I’ll only manage to make 5 paintings.

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been up to this last week and a half.
What went on before that is going into another entry… soon.

To be wholly honest, I’m mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. Hopefully I can keep up all of this.

■On the 21st, first thing in the morning, I’m getting my last ten (all the bottom) teeth extracted.

…. I’ll be awake for this! ….
Two days of pain and a mouth full of blood will ensue after the extractions. Ugh. I’m just glad that the pains are almost over with. I can’t keep fighting all these infections and I’m looking forward to a bottom denture and a top partial so I’ll be able to eat again. By “eat” I mean, “eat real foods again” instead of gross, nutritionless mularky that I’ve been eating since the top five extractions. I want a BIG SALAD… mmmmm! (I’m just fortunate to BE ALIVE!!!)

On a lighter note – I’m really glad I can use my artsy skills to help others.
This makes me feel empowered and strong, instead of vulnerable and useless. It is a GREAT feeling.

Really, hopefully I’ll continue to get opportunities to push my limits and help others along the way. I’ve been feeling really “dead in the water” for far too long.

Thanks for reading! 🙂