About TaraTbox, the amnesiac with a mission

I’m just an artist, photographer, a newly inspired (unprofessional) writer, and a great many things.
Most of all, I’m a survivor of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Amnesia.
Every day is a second chance for me. Every moment is a growth opportunity. Every word is a doorway to possibilities.

I hope to share hope to those who have or love someone with brain injury and/or memory loss. I desire to teach others what living with both is all about, and to create a vast array of resources to both the survivors and to the care-takers, health-care providers, and clinicians of the world to share with their patients and loved ones.

As yet, there are far too scarce a way for amnesiacs and TBI survivors to express what they’re going through to their care-givers. There are far too few “take-aways” from doctors and hospitals after diagnosis. There aren’t enough people talking about amnesia and how to survive each day with it. I intend to make that change. Soon, I’ll be working with experts in neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, and many more facets of brain health professionals in order to understand what it is they need to know from their patients to make their lives as fruitful, as easy, and as painless as possible. I’ll turn that knowledge into valuable pamphlets, booklets, and worksheets for survivors to use (with or without their care-givers) so they can take them to their doctor appointments and get the most out of not only their personalized care, but to add value, control, and purpose to a life unhinged by memory loss and brain injury.

I hope to become an advocate for those (not unlike myself the first two years after my accident) who cannot express themselves well enough to make any positive and meaningful progress in normalizing their torn apart lives.

Brain injuries and amnesia change entire lives, they change the people surviving them, and they morph families, communities, and the medical system at large. With my hard work and personal experience suffering and overcoming, I will make a difference for those who cannot figure out how for themselves. I will help – and I will build a new wave of treatment and long-term care connections that cannot be built without a great amount of hard work and effort. 🙂

Things will change, and I’ll make sure of it.

Other than all of that hard work I’m doing – I’ll be sharing little bits of myself, my history, my journey, my thoughts, and things that I hope will create hope and confidence for anyone and everyone. I love y’all! You’re not alone. Keep hope alive.

keep hope alive

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4 thoughts on “About TaraTbox, the amnesiac with a mission

    1. On my phone it is easier than on my computer. If you tap my screen name, it should take you to my blog and there should be a plus sign with the word follow next to it at the top right on the screen. Online. .? Well I’d have to open my laptop to figure that out. LOL 🙂

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    2. Ah ha! When you click on my name in a computer browser, there’s a little tiny tab on the bottom right on the page that pops up to follow my blog. I finally got onto my laptop to find out in an incognito tab. LOL Hope that helps. Depending on the blog layout, (like your’s being different than mine) the follow button moves around. Your’s is on the top right just under a photo in the right-most column. Mine is on the bottom right, floating along the edge of the page. 🙂


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