PTSD does partially define me..

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I wasn’t hurt just at the places I’ve worked. I was hurt by an entire lifetime of abuse. Not just by one abuser, but by all of them. I was hurt by invisible illnesses and numerous brain injuries that happened over the years – not just by abusers, work, or home accidents. On the outside, I do walk with a limp when my pelvic bone and hips hurt from sciatic and other nerves that have been damaged, but not all the time. I do wince from pain when it is so strong that it feels like lightning, hot and cold at the same time, erupting through me without any warning signal. I do have aching joints and every bone in my body always seems to feel like they’re broken. When we talk, I’ll smile, and most times we’ll laugh, because my pain is so great that I try my best to hide it. I try to be a great listener, but sometimes my amnesia-brain kicks in hard, and I can’t keep up with what you’ve said — but I DO try. You can look into my eyes and see both joy and pain.

I didn’t get hurt by a single abuser, a single accident, or a single blow to my head. I’ve carried emotions that don’t even have a place or a name, because of amnesia. I’ve also carried deep emotions from the abuses, neglect and upheavals of my life and those I love and care about. I tried to grieve at first but it was too overwhelming to handle. I’ve hidden, judged myself more harshly than I’ve ever deserved, and have spared those I love from what I’m really living day-to-day. I’ve held my own babies as they took their first and last breaths. I’ve held strangers in front of my old house who died because help wouldn’t come – because they were homeless and assumed druggies. I’ve comforted others who have struggled with heartbreaks and pains – just like we all have. I suffered in silence my entire life… from the age of toddler until the age of 33 – when I finally decided after amnesia freed me from myself and my past, that I couldn’t hide anymore.

No, I didn’t save people for a living, but I saw and went through atrocities just the same. I was helpless to save lives, and helpless to save my own. Unlike the lady who saved lives by choice and profession, I too have PTSD, but I fear it will never be something I can recover from. All the power of my own mind and willpower of my soul cannot erase what I’ve gone through. No matter how much I expose myself safely to the things that trigger my wounds/PTSD outbreaks, I never feel safer or more in-control.

While some people believe that they can accomplish anything – I being one of them to a point – there are certain things, no matter how much therapy or exposure can heal. I won’t heal from my memories being erased from my own mind, being attempted murdered by a lunatic driver who left me for dead three years ago, an abusive man masquerading as my savior(human-kind) thrashing me and beating my skull out of rage and contempt for himself and what he allowed to happen – and what he’d done himself to me for many years – to just be healed. Or the years of silence of the abuses I endured/survived as a child, teen, and young adult… by all who took advantage of me and used me.

Some things, ladies and gentleman, cannot be healed. This is why I’ve learned to live within my own emotional means, not over-stress myself, and not try too hard for anyone but myself. I’ve pushed myself harder than I ever thought possible, and I’m proud of that. I’ve overcome each milestone in the journey I’m on, and will continue to… but… there are certain things that just can’t heal. For me, there are too many. For me, I may die (hopefully an old woman) still without those things being healed. I’ve come to terms with that. I’m not ashamed to admit this. I’m proud that I can assume they won’t eat my emotions to the point of doing something terrible to myself. Trust me, it has run through my mind before – but it will never happen.

I love making others smile, and I feel as though I survived all of the horrendousness in order to help others – no matter how petty I believe their issues are, or how entirely similar they are to my own – they are important to the person going through it. Everything is huge, hurtful, and life changing if it is new. That’s the point. Get through “this” so you can get through “that next thing” and so on.



Knowledge VS Beliefs

Telling the truth isn’t wrong. It isn’t wrong to possibly hurt someone’s feelings by telling the truth. It isn’t wrong to allow ignorance a chance to learn something. It isn’t wrong to dispose of archaic and outdated tidbits of information that have been disproved. It isn’t wrong to know something that someone else refuses to believe. It isn’t wrong to try to teach others what you know.

It IS wrong to force information upon those unwilling or not wanting to learn. Not only are you wasting your time and energy, but you’re wasting their’s as well. ‪#‎LeadAHorseToWater‬…. same adage here.

Beliefs sometimes trump facts. Facts sometimes are trumped by new information. New information will eventually be trumped by discoveries and new sciences/new correlations. This is evolution of the mind… and it SHOULD go hand in hand with the resolution of your heart and the dedication of your soul, but if often doesn’t. It often causes conflicts that aren’t resolved or adapted. You cannot evolve if you cannot adapt.

I would go on and on about this, in depth, but I am exhausted. Perhaps another day.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

A short late night thought

The relentless apathy toward the impassioned pursuit of new knowledge – modifying viewpoints and old information that is now obsolete, damaging, and abusive to the betterment of our minds and sciences – is nothing short of a travesty upon humankind… and everything our lives touch.. including all of nature and the generations that will come after we’re gone.

©Tara Davidson - 2015 - OzarksArtistSanctuary
©Tara Davidson – 2015 – OzarksArtistSanctuary