Ozarks Deluxe Photography

Yuuup… it’s a mouthful, but it is also an eye-pleasing experience.

I will be launching a line of products that feature my photography in the not so distant future. (Yes, I’ll be sure to link the where/what/how’s of their whereabouts as soon as everything is well put-together. I won’t leave y’all hanging!) 😉
Here are some samples of my work:

[c] palm prawn[c] flowers 11 2

[c] flowers 7-2[c] flowers 10

[c] cuke flower pallet[c] cuke flower closeup

DSCF5177 (c)DSCF5175 (c)
These are random choices I’ve pulled from my computer to share. I’ve been (seriously and purposely making it a habit of) taking photographs after my accident in September 2013. I started taking photos in October of 2013 – when I was able – and have been doing so ever since. It has been a source of tranquility, patience, growth, therapy and rehab for me for almost two years.

Every shot I take is another glimpse at the beauty and nature of the Lake of the Ozarks woods where I live now. I love close up shots (macro photography) and the tiny landscapes I find from randomly looking around at the space I wander into. Every capture is (to me) a snapshot of the rarely viewed natural beauty – literally below our feet. I started by taking photos of my garden, moths, and random woodland critters like frogs, lizards and wild hares. Then I started noticing those tiny things – the macro-world in the most intimate of spaces. Nestled between trees, just behind a rock, under a group of leaves, and other inconspicuous spots I happened upon.

After a while, it became a hobby. Then it became a source of expressing that beautiful things are not always large, in your face, or obvious. From there, it became natural – a second sense – something I look forward to “discovering” and sharing with the rest of the world. 🙂 I love what I do and I’m always growing and getting better at it.

With my brand new software maybe the shots I have taken, and will take, will be even more awesome…?
I hope!


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